Brandon Cory Jones, 8/9/1981

The Oklahoma City Police Department shows an arrest made from a video that was released in May 2015 of a woman using a stolen ATM card.

  • The card was taken during a robbery where a woman was knocked to the ground and beaten. After punching the woman repeatedly, the suspects fled with her purse. After we released the video, we began receiving tips from you good people, which led to the arrests of two suspects. 24 year-old Diamond Coleman and 33 year-old Brandon Jones are now sitting in the Oklahoma County Jail on complaints of robbery and conspiracy. Thank you so much for your help. We truly couldn’t do it without you.


Jones had two new cases pending and a revocation of a suspended sentence pending when this robbery occurred. On January 22, 2014 Judge Deason agreed to release Jones on a conditional release with the Oklahoma County pretrial release program. Jones was to be on an ankle monitor and be supervised by the PTR program. On February 25, 2015 Judge Deason ordered the fees for the ankle monitor to be paid by the indigent GPS fund, meaning that Jones wouldn’t even have to pay for the monitoring. Court Records show numerous violation reports to Judge Deason by the PTR program.

Oklahoma County case CF-2013-8708 shows an offense date of 12/16/2013 and charges of Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, concealing stolen property and larceny. The bond was set at $500,000 by Judge Troung.

Oklahoma County case CF-2013-4085 shows an offense date of 3/27/2013 and the charges of trafficking in illegal drugs, possession of a cocaine and possession of drugs without a prescription.

Oklahoma County case CF-2010-7726 shows an offense date of 9/23/2010 and charges of Murder 1, robbery with a firearm, pointing a firearm at another. Court records show that all of his charges were dismissed except the robbery with a firearm, that he pled guilty to and was sentenced to 15 years suspended except the first 6 months and court costs, in exchange for his testimony against a co-defendant. Due to the new charges a revocation of the suspended sentence was filed in this case.

Jones is not new to the judicial system. His record from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections shows:

Canadian County CF-2002-408 Burglary II
Canadian County CF-2002-409 Stolen property
Oklahoma County CF-2002-1024 Stolen property, using a weapon in a felony, pcds
Oklahoma County CF-2003-4857 Burglary II
Oklahoma County Cf-2007-1248 Possession of drugs and marijuana
Oklahoma County CF-2007-4143 Possession of marijuana
Oklahoma County CF-2007-4360 Possession of marijuana
Oklahoma County CF-2010-7726 Robbery with a dangerous weapon (3rd conviction)