Richard Acosta DOB 6-22-1981 has a history of offenses back to 1-19-2000 when he was arrested for the first of many cases including burglary and possession of drugs. His short time incarcerated with the Department of Corrections doesn’t seem to have been enough to rehabilitate him.

Oklahoma County case CF-2013-4615 shows an offense date of 05/06/2013 for Possession of a controlled dangerous substance- meth. Acosta’s bond was posted by a bondsman on 8-28-2013. When Acosta was arrested on new charges, the bondsman surrendered the bond and Acosta was held in the jail for this case and the new case.  On 4-9-2014 he was released from the Oklahoma County jail on own recognizance releases.

Oklahoma County case CF-2014-2373 shows an offense date of 3-29-2014 for Possession of a controlled dangerous substance, meth and marijuana. Acosta was released from jail on an OR without any conditions on 4-9-2014.  Two weeks later on 4-24-14 Acosta failed to appear in court.

Acosta also has a conviction of DUI on Oklahoma County case CM-02-3918 that occurred 9-23-2002.

DOC Records Show

Oklahoma County CF-00-2055 BURG II
Oklahoma County CF-02-6473 BURG II AFCF

richard acosta