Who Pays for crime? Taxpayers do, you and I do. “Own Recognizance” and Pre Trial release programs are funded by taxes. These programs allow people who have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense to get out of jail for FREE. Once released from jail at taxpayers expense, they are eligible for a public defender, also at taxpayers expense. Oklahoma Statute defines exactly what offenses do not qualify for and who cannot be released on OR by the pre trial release program, but quite often, this law is over ruled by judges who choose to allow the person to be released, sometimes at the request of pretrial release case workers or attorneys that represent the defendant. County commissioners claim that the pretrial release program save taxpayers dollars by alleviating jail over crowding and incarceration costs. Even though most of these defendants can pay for a bondsman, they prefer to let society pay their way through the system with Judicial Welfare. If you are a taxpayer and you disagree with your tax dollars being used for Judicial Welfare make some calls, send some emails, voice your opinion at the polling places. Come back soon, we will be updating regularly.